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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Earthquake Hazards Program
Find out where the latest earthquakes were. (world wide)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Responsible Consumer. You!

Responsible Shopper
Responsible Shopper reports on global research and campaign information in order to alert the public about the social and environmental impact of major corporations, while providing opportunities for consumers and investors to vote with their dollars for change.

Greenpeace Shopping Guide
How to Avoid Genetically Engineered Food (Canadian Guide)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Law and Courts

Canadian Legal Information Institute
The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) is a not-for-profit organization initiated by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. CanLII's goal is to make primary sources of Canadian law accessible for free on the Internet. CanLII seeks to gather legislative and judicial texts, as well as legal commentaries, from federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions on a single Web site.

Judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada

Canada Criminal Databases

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Civil Rights

Bill of Rights Defense Committee
The BORDC's mission is to promote, organize, and support a diverse, effective, national grassroots movement to restore and protect civil rights and liberties guaranteed to all U.S residents by the Bill of Rights. Our purpose is to educate people about the significance of those rights in our lives; to encourage widespread participation; and to cultivate and share the organizing tools and strategies needed for people to convert their concern, outrage, and fear into debate and action to restore Bill of Rights protections.

National Lawyers Guild
The National Lawyers Guild is an association dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. We seek to unite the lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse lawyers of America in an organization that shall function as an effective political and social force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests

The Constitution Society
This site aims to eventually provide almost everything one needs to accurately decide what is and is not constitutional in most situations, and what applicable constitutions require one to do. It is for constitutional decision support.
The Constitution Society is a private non-profit organization dedicated to research and public education on the principles of constitutional republican government. It publishes documentation, engages in litigation, and organizes local citizens groups to work for reform.

Domain Look-ups
Enter the domain name to obtain its information.

Whois Source

WHOIS Search


Monday, July 24, 2006

Environment and Health

The community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
CELDF was formed to provide free and affordable legal services to community-based groups and local governments working to protect their quality of life and the natural environment through building sustainable communities. Increasingly, that means teaming up with people and their municipal representatives to mount campaigns that challenge the legal clout of corporations to overrule decisions made by citizens for their communities.

The Envirolink Network
The EnviroLink Network is a non-profit organization which has been providing access to thousands of online environmental resources since 1991.

Environmental Databases
The Right-to-Know Network provides free access to numerous databases and resources on the environment. With the information available on RTK NET, you can identify specific factories and their environmental effects; find permits issued under environmental statutes; and identify civil cases filed.

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
With A_Z index

Scorecard: The Pollution Information Site
Get an in-depth pollution report for your county, covering air, water, chemicals, and more.

Revolution from the heart of nature.

Environment Canada
Welcome to Environment Canada's Internet resource for weather and environmental information. The Green Lane TM helps connect Canadians, exchange information and share knowledge for environmental decision-making.

Nuclear Information and Resource Service
NIRS/WISE is the information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation, and sustainable energy issues. Your comments and suggestions about this website are welcomed.

Student Environmental Action Coalition
SEAC is a student and youth run national network of progressive organizations and individuals whose aim is to uproot environmental injustices through action and education. We define the environment to include the physical, economic, political, and cultural conditions in which we live. By challenging the power structure which threatens these conditions, students in SEAC work to create progressive social change on both the local and global levels

Friends of the Earth International
Friends of the Earth International is the world's largest grassroots environmental network, uniting 71 diverse national member groups and some 5,000 local activist groups on every continent.
Researching effects of Chemicals and Pesticides upon Health

Project Underground
Project Underground exists as a vehicle for the environmental, human rights and indigenous rights movements to carry out focused campaigns against abusive extractive resource activity.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Corporate Research Links And Articles

How to Do Corporate Research Online

Directory of Transnational Corporations
a great A-Z index!

Multimillion Dollar Fines & Settlements Paid by Corporations

Reclaim Democracy is dedicated to restoring democratic authority over corporations, reviving grassroots democracy, and revoking the power of money and corporations to control government and civic society.


Company Information: The Spire Project
Company information forms the backbone to the information industry. There is real money here. Investors are eager, customers & suppliers are eager, competitors are eager. As a result, a wide collection of very client-centered research resources have grown up to deliver to this market.

The Aurora Institute
The Aurora Institute takes a new approach to the challenge the corporation poses to Canada and the world. At the Aurora Institute, we shed light on the very structure of the corporation as a cause of the political, social, economic and environmental symptoms we face in modern society. Further, we foster alternatives and remedies suited to our increasingly market-driven society.

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is an independent, international, non-profit organisation, in a collaborative partnership with Amnesty International sections and leading academic institutions.

CEO Express
"Connecting busy executives to information that matters"

Executive Paywatch
Compare your retirement plan with the average CEO's, see how CEO pay has been growing while corporate profits and stocks decline—and find out what you can do about it.

Holding Corporations Accountable

Annual Reports
Our Free Service allows users to review an annual report in an easy and convenient manner. Boasting the most complete and up-to-date listings of annual reports on the internet, provides instant access to annual reports in their actual format in one single location.

Corporate Information
Welcome to the source for global corporate information on the leading companies in over 55 countries. Enter either the Company Name or Ticker Symbol in the "Search Company Reports" box to obtain Free Snapshot Reports on any of over 31,000 Companies.

Corporate Accountability International
Corporate Accountability International (formerly Infact) is a membership organization that protects people by waging and winning campaigns challenging irresponsible and dangerous corporate actions around the world. For over 25 years, Corporate Accountability International and its members have scored major victories that protect people and save lives

Program on Corporations, Laws and Democracy
Instigating democratic conversations and actionsthat contest the authority of corporations to govern.

The New Rules Project
We've already worked with more than 100 communities to develop policies to nurture their locally-owned businesses. We are the go-to source for cities that are fighting against absentee owned, big box retail, fielding scores of questions each week from communities around the nation. Our resources can help you make your hometown character shine.

The Council of Canadians
Founded in 1985, the Council of Canadians is Canada’s largest citizens’ organization, with members and chapters across the country. We work to protect Canadian independence by promoting progressive policies on fair trade, clean water, safe food, public health care, and other issues of social and economic concern to Canadians.

Global Trade Watch
Global Trade Watch (GTW) promotes democracy by challenging corporate globalization, arguing that the current globalization model is neither a random inevitability nor “free trade.”

Corporate Accountability Project
Of the world's 100 largest economies, 51 are now global corporations, rather than countries.

This web site is updated daily with a listing of the previous business day’s new publicly accessible filings, as well as access to official copies of those new filings, historic public filings and other information.

Analysis of the world's largest companies.

Free access to Pension and Benefit Data

Company Information at Your Disposal

WORC's Corporate Database Research
a listing of resources that are useful in corporate research. Research is a powerful tool for activists and we intend this database to be a powerful tool for research. The database contains contact information for organizations that will do research for you, along with resources that will allow you to do research for yourself.